Smart Municipality

Services such as Legislation Information Bank (MEVBANK), Data Center Hardware Infrastructure (VMDA), Database Management System (DBMS), Enterprise Content and Document Management System (KIDYS), Portal Based Intranet Application Server (PTIUS) are all within our Smart Municipal Application.

Migration from rural areas to urban areas has been exponentially increasing in Turkey, particularly for the last forty years. The number of people living in cities has increased dramatically. SAMPAŞ Holding believes that having this numerical increase in cities reinforced by quality is of vital importance for the development of our country.

Increasing the brand values of our cities is of paramount importance for reducing and rectifying economic, cultural and social problems, for propagating people-oriented governance approach, for improving the quality of life of citizens, and for the development of Turkey on a global scale.

SAMPAŞ CORP. provides citizen-oriented, fully integrated, simple, manageable and secure city information systems to our municipalities with the “Smart Municipality” solution; It is developing the process of creating self-sufficient “smart” brand cities with the high quality of life, day by day.

The platform built on the foundations of Integration, Governance and Social Networking; while it provides an environment of Access to the municipality to which the citizens are connected through different channels, it provides municipal administrators with real time, better decision making opportunities.

It Doesn't Require Pre-Investment Cost

"The Smart Box - Smart Municipalism", that consolidates all information technologies devoted to the needs of municipalities and is an unrivalled business platform with its process and service-based corporate integration infrastructure, contains software in accordance with the e-municipality systems and meets the information technology requirements of our municipalities without pre-investment cost.

All Required Information Technologies Applications are Provided in the Same Package

"The Smart Box - Smart Municipalism", that consolidates some applications such as data base management system, geographical information system, mobile municipalism, presents a comprehensive pack of solution involving hardware infrastructure, servers, storage units, reliable and scalable software components.

Gives the Municipality Executives the Chance of Real Time Effective Decision Making

Besides its offering solutions of access to municipality from different channels for the citizens, the platform based upon Integration, Governance and Social Network also enables municipality executives to make more effective and real time decisions.

Legislative Information Bank (MEVBANK)

MEVBANK is an application that enables municipal employees to track the most current legislation related with daily business processes simply and swiftly.

Data Centre Hardware Infrastructure (DCHI)

DCHI involves physical servers, virtualization infrastructure, various operating systems (UNIX, Linux, and Windows), server monitoring programme and storage units that run all “Smart Municipalism” services applications.

Data Base Management System (DBMS)

DBMS is a system where all data of municipalities is managed in a relational model. (Oracle 11G)

Corporate Content and Document Management System (CCDMS)

CCDMS enables the related content to access the right person at the right time by collecting the contents generated and managed in municipality in a single central electronic repository and increases the satisfaction of the citizen through a swift and simple document sharing. It provides an undocumented working environment to municipalities in which the risk of loss of data and documents is minimized.

Portal-Based Intranet Application Server (PBIAS)

PBIAS enables the employees to access the applications and solutions from any location by forming an intranet on a portal infrastructure with rich variety of social applications in the municipal property.

Single Sign-On Infrastructure (SSOI)

Besides representing the scheme of municipality organization, it is an infrastructure that puts together the “Identity Management” applications and “Single Sign-On” infrastructure and manages them through the same system.

Process Management Application Server (PMAS)

The “Process Management Application Server”, that provides operation efficiency and business visibility, is an integrated process management engine enabling municipal services to be carried on at low cost and in a dynamic way.

Management Information System Applications

It is the body of applications involving core business processes of municipalities and related units like Income Management, Citizen Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting and Financial Management, Purchasing, Subscription Management and Executive Acts.

Geographical Information System (GIS)

Besides its offering services within qualification and layer alternatives identified according to the needs of users in accordance with laws and regulations such as Thematic Map Production, Graphic & Text Information Access, Topology, Three-Dimensional Modelling and Raster Data Transformation, CBS System is also a quite useful system with its close view, inquiry and wizard functions.

In addition to these, you can track, lead and monitor actively your fleet by digital maps through mapping applications and some modules such as “Vehicle Tracking System.” Within this system you can access the instant location information of your vehicles, you can check whether they are out of determined route or not and you can take a detailed report from the system regarding the situation.

Corporate Integration Infrastructure

It is the service enabling the procurance and management of communication and integration infrastructure among the web services of public institutions (KPS, UAVT, TAKBİS, Medula, etc.), the web services of external institutions (Online Collection, Legislation Bank, etc) and “Smart Municipalism” services.

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

EDMS is a system that selects the documents within documentation formed in municipalities that can be used as evidence of institutions’ activities, manages related documents in a process from the production to dissolution by maintaining their format, content and relational characteristics.

Business Acumen

"Besides its offering real-time management consoles (Dashboard) via data warehouses devoted to meeting the needs of corporate business acumen and high performance reporting opportunities within added values, “Business Acumen” service enables municipalities to make decisions by measuring the corporate performances and citizen-oriented service qualities.

e- Municipality

It enables citizens to access the municipality at any moment of the day and from any location and carry out transactions of various application, tracking, notification, inquiry and payment.

M-Municipality Applications (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile)

It enables the citizen to access the municipality at any moment of the day and from any location via mobile equipment through applications that take the municipality-citizen relationship to a completely new platform in addition to the services enabling to carry out the transactions of application, tracking, inquiry and payment.

On the other hand, by means of m-Municipality applications all kinds of visual and audible announcements of the municipalities can be accessed by the citizens directly and the rate of awareness of citizens concerning the municipality services increases accordingly.

SMS Municipalism

Municipalities can contact thousands of citizens at once easily via SMS Municipalism through messages in which the name of municipality is displayed in the part of "Addresser" and they can also benefit from a redirection system applied through interactive applications to various municipality services. In some cases where there is need for providing feedback to citizens via SMS Municipalism infrastructure in the event of results of demands, complaints and applications (Social Activities, Social Aid etc.), any application feedback can be conveyed to relevant person via SMS.

Strategic Planning

""Long Term Strategic Plan", "Annual Performance Programme" and "Activity Reports" that are to be prepared according to guidelines and legislations made in relation to the law No.5018 are pursued by features of "Strategic Planning".

The Strategic Planning Application integrated with Management Information System provides gathering, analyzing and reporting the necessary information regularly for the purpose of measuring the performance. It enables the information to be evaluated qualitatively, quantitatively and visually when being used in resolution processes based on the performance.

Mobile Municipalism Applications

Mobile Municipalism Applications enable the collection of the processes pursuant to misdemeanour law, license checking, inquiry of work place and industrial inventory all on mobile equipment by making online and offline contact with city information system infrastructure during face to face processes with citizens on the area.

City Guide

By means of City Guide municipalities can now present to the citizens the important map-aided location information on web-based platform via internet such as the administrative address, the civilian address and reconstruction plan that they need and it enables them to make some inquiries based on this information.


By means of E-Reconstruction, the reconstruction planning information that citizens need is presented as a map-aided web-based platform and it is provided that they can make inquiries with the help of these information. Based on this system, reconstruction certificate of conditions can be prepared in PDF document format electronically by making search with regard to map section and parcel.


E-Cemetery presents the cemeteries within the boundaries of municipality as map-aided via web. Through this application various processes like inquiry of deceased and location information throughout cemetery can be carried out.

Electronic Signature and Mobile Signature Infrastructure

"Electronic Signature Law" No.5070 and related legislation enable making processes with the characteristics of reliable electronic signature and wet signature. With the use of this system, the identities of citizens are verified electronically and they are provided with the opportunity of making transactions equivalent to wet signature. Due to "Mobile Signature" infrastructure "Electronic Signature" can be used in mobile media and citizens can make all their interactive and process-based transactions by use of mobile phones.