Smart Water Management

SAMPAS offers modern water management systems throughout in order that the process of water used from the resource to the end user is managed in the most efficient way.

The countries which aren't rich in terms of water like Turkey have to develop, manage, use and preserve their resources ideally. SAMPAS offers the "Smart Water Management Solutions" to water administrations and municipalities on the ground in order that the water, that becomes the most important resource in the world, in accordance with population growth, can be used in more productive way.

There are stages of geographical information within this process: systems-based water distribution and network management, waste water management, resource management, subscriber accrual and collection processes management.

Increasing water administrations' income, reducing the operating costs, raising the quality of water, providing customers high standards of service, raising the satisfaction of subscription and water administrations are all made possible by this process.

Manages All Data on A Single Infrastructure
Brings Operations to Detailed Management and Controlling Capability from the Centre
Is Integrated With the Systems of Other Corporations (Bank etc.) Providing Service to Organization
Provides by Using the Sources in an Efficient Way
Minimize the Costs of Operation and Investment

Resource and Maintenance Management

Resource and Maintenance Management enables employees and sources in operations to be assigned to specific accounts and employments. Furthermore, it tracks all employees and actions of the related corporation in a process-based way.

Resource and Maintenance Management provides convenience in situations like the integration of operations to business processes and helps the executives to take information-based decisions and apply effective management.

On the other hand, through reports, Resource and Maintenance Management expedites the tracking of various periodical processes of related operation as maintenance, repair and updating of fixtures and all other resources.

Subscription Management

Subscription Management System can manage all subscription reports included in operations. System operates integrated with online meter reading processes and provides real time subscription tracking competence to operations by taking banks' payment, integrated accrual and collection of processes as reference.

Smart Meter Management

Smart Meter Management contains the infrastructure formation processes required for online transferring and attaching of card and distant reading meter data of subscribers with the integration of related solutions. By the use of Smart Meter Management, the resource costs spent for operational expenses and reading activities are reduced.

Geographical Information System and Infrastructure Management

Geographical Information System provides mapping and managing of all sources used in physical responsibility area of an operation and also integration of them with other components of "Smart Water Management".

Monitoring and Control Centre

Monitoring and Control Centre provides displaying of all data coming from the area to the screens in a way that operators can track and construe them. Management of sprawled organizations from a single centre in a detailed way is made possible by Monitoring and Control Centre.