Akos Mobile

With the special mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows operating system phone and tablet PC’s, bringing service to citizens through field usage of operational data by municipalities and increasing efficiency are provided.

Through mobile municipality applications, the speed of interaction and service between municipalities and citizens has been increased. Thanks to mobile applications specific to phones and tablet PCs with IOS, Android, Windows operating system and the instant use of the operational data of the municipalities in the field, it is ensured that the service is directly taken to the citizen and the efficiency is increased.

The point, where mobile technologies have arrived today, and widespread usage of mobile applications created possibility of providing improved functional and visual applications through own mobile devices of citizens.

Thanks to mobile municipality applications, increasing interaction and service speed between municipality and citizen are provided.

With the special mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows operating system phone and tablet PC’s, bringing service to citizens through field usage of operational data by municipalities and increasing efficiency are provided.

It provides opportunity of sending latest information arriving to operational application to mobile device screens of users as small message and accessing dynamic content by the application.

Thanks to AKOS Mobile Municipality, citizens carry the Municipality in their mobile devices. Combining Internet with mobile application skills and accession of citizens to municipality any time of the day in any place based on position make it possible for citizens to apply, monitor, query, make payment related to municipality by carrying municipality – citizen interaction to a new platform.

As municipality can directly transmit any kind of visual and audible notices, information messages to citizens, put participant municipality forward and organize live surveys related with service and activities, it brings a new dimension to municipality approach in E-State concept.

Thanks to this development, awareness rate of citizens related with municipality services increases.

Services like Mobile Mayor, Mobile Citizen, Mobile Numbering, Mobile Business Operating License, Mobile Misdemeanour, Mobile Revenues, Mobile Request Complaint, Mobile Crew Management, Mobile Zoning Information are with you at all times.

Mobile Mayor:

With Mobile Mayor application, it is possible to make operations such as following online collection, monitoring complaints and field control crews, getting breakdown of building residents.

Mobile Citizen

Mobile citizen application provides all information services for citizens. It provides services such as news, notices, activities, city guide and e-municipality.

Mobile Numbering

Mobile numbering application provides management of address information based on place on mobile environment by municipalities. Numbering based address information within the borders of municipality provides easy access in field studies and through update of this information, actuality of municipality inventory is provided too.

Mobile Business Operating License

Mobile business operating license provides opportunity of querying operation license information of businesses controlled by teams on the field, then entering results to system on the field and taking outputs from the system on the field.

It removes problems like not being able to reach correct and updated information of business by operating license control teams during the control.

Mobile Misdemeanour

Mobile misdemeanour application provides opportunity of preparing administrative sanction report and fine collection through mobile application in case of a detection of discordance as part of Misdemeanour Law by municipality officials on the field.

Fast and practical preparation of Administrative Sanction Decision Protocol, strengthening collection track of municipality through online collection, prevention of time loss arising from citizens going to cash desk in order to make payment are provided.

Mobile Revenues

Mobile revenues application provides opportunity of making claim query according to claim address and registry information, creating new claim record, making automatic recognition and collection transactions.

Mobile Request Complaint

Mobile request complaint application provides opportunity of viewing requests and complaints arriving to municipality by authorized personnel and after conducting related operations about the complaint it provides opportunity of closing the complaint by taking result picture on the field.

Mobile Crew Management

It provides opportunity for the job assignment of municipality crew working on the field, also with the application, filling instant control forms on the field and querying, accessing and changing required document and content in addition to making instant controls on the field.

Mobile Zoning Information

Mobile zoning information application provides opportunity of viewing zoning information of buildings, building pictures and documents related to the building in addition to conducting operations about the building and controls.