Everyday people leave traces of their social activities in and around the physical world they interact with. CRUMBS Mobile Social Platform proposes a new way of organizing user generated content by applying geo-spatial logic and social-perspective on a traditional information time-sorting-based approach. In this manner, CRUMBS platform aims at taking our surrounding physical environment and overlapping it with enriched social media content through the use of mobile technologies. In an attempt to change the way we interact with the physical world, CRUMBS platform is to incorporate an Augmented Reality Engine that will make it possible for users to access rich social media content created and fixed at a certain location at a certain time by other users through the use of their mobile device cameras.

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Supported by CELTIC - a European research and development programme, CRUMS will last fourteen months and is expected to have an impact on eBusiness, eTourism and eGovernment areas with new innovative applications that will lead to a new level of interaction between users and among users and entities. The results of the project are to be tested in different real world scenarios.

EU funded project CRUMBS, within the framework CELTIC - a European research and development programme, was completed on 1 May 2013 with success.