Known as Open-DAI (Open Data Architecture and Infrastructure of European Public Administrations), the project aims to make data and related platforms available for digital public services on cloud computing infrastructures. With this Project open data will now be available for use as a starting point to create new applications and services for public administrations, companies and citizens and will also provide an information feedback channel for public administrations.

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Funded by the European Commission within the framework of the "ICT Policy Support Programme" – Call 2011 of the "Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme" (CIP), Open-DAI Project facilitates the creation of a platform for the opening up of public data through the use of service-oriented architectures.

“3,2M € funded project, which involves 11 partners from four countries and set to last 32 months between February 2012 and September 2014, was completed successfully. Turkey took part in the project with Ordu Municipality and SAMPAŞ.