Message from the President

Today SAMPAŞ a pioneering e-government solutions provider continues its operations as a straightforward, trustworthy and respected organization.

In Turkey rural-to-urban migration has increased, especially in the last 30 years. Today, number of people living in cities exceeds the number of people living in villages.

SAMPAŞ works to turn this quantitative population increase into a qualitative increase in life quality. In the long run, this sort of transformation would not only be necessary for the welfare of our cities but it would also constitute a vital part in our country's development.

In that sense at SAMPAŞ we understand the importance of giving voice to our cities and citizens. Therefore we have made it our mission to bring people-oriented management technologies to the service of our local governments. Adoption of citizen inclusive management is not only necessary for creating "brand cities" in Turkey but it is also necessary for reducing economic, cultural and social problems of our citizens.

With this spirit SAMPAŞ always encourages team-work among its employees and business partners in providing the highest technology and finding the most effective solutions for local governments globally.

At SAMPAŞ; constantly improving our products and services beyond our customers' needs and expectations in doing so staying true to international quality standards is our top priority.

Today SAMPAŞ has been a pioneering e-government solutions provider since day one. Thanks to our engagement in the market and international cooperation, SAMPAŞ will also be one of the pioneers of change in Turkey.


President of the Board