A new HORIZON 2020 (H2020) Project "e-Safe" from SAMPAŞ

Our Horizon 2020 project proposal, "e-Safe" for which we have applied, was among the successful projects to be supported by the European Union.

The project, which will be carried out under the main coordination of Catania University in Italy, will receive a total grant of 4 million Euros. SAMPAŞ is also included in the international consortium in participation of 12 partners from Italy, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Greece, including world giants such as Deloitte. The project is planned to start on October 1, 2020 and take 48 months.

In line with the decarbonization targets and earthquake regulations set by the European Union, the e-SAFE project designs a market-ready renovation system that will reduce implementation time and costs, offer affordable financial options, increase indoor comfort, aesthetic and functional appeal.

In geographies with earthquake risk, such as our country, making existing buildings resistant to disasters is of great importance in environmental and socio-economic aspects, as well as ensuring the safety of the people. E_SAFE will develop retrofit solutions to improve the earthquake resistance and the energy efficiency of existing building stock in Turkey and the European Union.

The project will develop technological innovations and create added value for our country and the world with a multidisciplinary methodology aiming at financial feasibility, joint knowledge production and public participation using traditional modeling and experimental research methods.

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