SAMPAŞ Academy

SAMPAŞ Academy was founded in order to provide a platform for our employees where they could express their career development needs and wants to improve their capabilities and performance.

In line with "Learning Individual, Learning Organisation" principle of SAMPAŞ Academy:

  • A well-thought training programme is put together for our employees which are designed by our HR specialists and leader education/training companies in the sector,
  • SAMPAŞ Academy trainings can be partaken both in modern classes equipped with the latest technology at our HQ offices in Istanbul and through "Distance Education" methodologies without being restricted by time and place issues,
  • Out-of-institution trainings for different areas of expertise are regularly attended by our employees,
  • With a close-follow up of the results from the completed training activities, SAMPAŞ Academy process the data, perform different assessment and evaluation methods and carries out the required improvement measures in order to keep the its programmes always relevant.