Working for SAMPAŞ

SAMPAŞ, with its 500+ employees, managed to create a unique organizational synergy within the company by executing the right human resources strategy and career development programmes for our employees.

At SAMPAŞ we are and have always been aware of the fact that our real capital is our human resources and therefore we have placed the Human Resources Department at the heart of our organisational structure.

Consequently with a proactive approach, our Human Resources Department has always taken a part in our company’s strategic decision making.

Our Vision

To create a high performance organisation with highly motivated employees.

Our Human Resources Policy

  • To manage the recruitment process in the most effective way and directing the right person to the right department on the right time,
  • To create a secure and healthy working environment by informing all employees of their own targets, targets of their own departments and company goals,
  • To make objective and righteous individual performance assessments in line with the requirements of each position,
  • To offer necessary training and personal development opportunities through SAMPAŞ Academy in order for our employees to improve themselves and increase their performance,
  • To ensure the continuity of a fair and reputable working environment in which employees trust and respect each other,
  • To generate a productive and highly motivated organisation with proactive human resources practices