Innovation has top priority among corporate values of SAMPAŞ. Indeed it would be fair to say that at SAMPAŞ "innovation" is an inseparable part of our corporate culture. In line with this approach, SAMPAŞ has increased its R&D; investments by the year 2000 in order to increase its value and competitive power as a corporation.

Following the belief that preliminary survey and feasibility analysis are essential for the success of all productive activities, SAMPAŞ R&D Centre was built on a strong technical foundation in the year 2002 in order to create the most appropriate conditions and environment for the formation and development of the innovative solutions.

SAMPAŞ R&D Centre has great strategic importance in developing high - tech infrastructures that are necessary to build solid IT systems. The international standards that it possesses have enabled important global collaborations to be developed over time. The synergy induced by over 30 collaborators then played a big role in the development of new and innovative products.

Indeed the knowledge and experience SAMPAŞ has accumulated in the sector for over 35 years have recently brought CMMi level 3 certificate to our R&D Centre.

Today innovation is of maximum importance at every stage of any business process. Therefore SAMPAŞ aims to create an environment that constantly stimulates creativeness and innovativeness in its employees in an effort to preserve its market-leading position through purposeful innovation.

SAMPAŞ has been taking part in various R&D projects funded nationally and internationally.

SAMPAŞ R&D Projects

SAMPAŞ R&D Centre – where top engineers of different areas of expertise work 24/7 innovative solutions are constantly being developed to address the problems of modern-day cities.

Some of the projects developed in SAMPAŞ R&D Centre are officially supported within the scope of European Union and TUBITAK corporations' ICT PSP, ITEA and CELTIC PLUS programmes.

Our National R&D Projects

Our International R&D Projects